Invite a Friend 5 TL Win



1-) Tell your friend about our site;


(I found a great site:!
a new system in Turkey, they bring a refund of the purchase agreement .sit in their hundreds of shops / firm. They become a member and receive commissions from our shopping at Shopy at your favorite store. They pay all or part of this commission as a refund. Membership is free.


                   2-) When your friend is a member of the site;


In the "Where Did You Find Us? (Friend-Social Media-Internet):" field your  friend need to write your correct e-mail adress.


3-) Invite Earn 5 TL;


Shopy adds 5 TL to your account when your friend gets 25 TL from shopping.


If 100 friends are members of our website and shop, you can earn 100 x 5 TL = 500 TL!