How Works?

Become a free member. Shopy Cashback gets a commission when it redirects to a store's website. It gives to members as a refund.

Why use a payback site?

Why not? You will still be shopping, why can't you get money back to do this? Also, membership is FREE, no annual fee is charged. You have no money to lose, but you have money to earn in your purchase. Do you need another reason?

Can you give an example?

Don't get me wrong:

For example, let's say you made a 500 TL Aliexpress purchase through Shopy. And let's say you get a 10% cashback from here. In this case, your earnings are up to 50 TL. When calculating the commission rate , the shop / firm will cut  from your  cashback    cargo, VAT.  After your return to the shopy system, the shopy will  take  the 'service fee'. You can check your money back amount from My Account> My Money Back transactions.

How can I get my 'cashback' money to my account?

First of all, you must have a minimum refund amount of 25 TL in your account. After you must  write us  your   bank information in My Account> Payment Settings section, your payments reaching 25 TL will be  at your account at the end of the month.

For your questions, you can contact us from the contact tab or e-mail